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About Hazare Danesh innovators company

Noavavaran-e Hezaare Danesh, a leading company in the field of visual interactive media, started its activity in 2009 under the support of Bushehr’s Science and Technology Park.

This company has always tried to invest human and material in the fields of research and development. Innovation, creation and commercialization of creative ideas, and advance the economy in the field of science and technology.

About Parstouch

Parstouch is the brand name of hardware products of Noavavaran-e Hezaareh Danesh Company.

Touch and non-touch visual interactive products such as touch kiosks, touch tables , signage, touch notice boards, touch frames and foils , video walls and glass screens are known as the Parstouch brand.

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About Digizen

  Digizen is the brand name of  our software products which are customized to meet your needs . We have chosen its name completely in english in respect to who have been pioneers in this field.

Pars Touch services

Strengths of Parstouch?


* Our experts introduce the best solutions to meet your needs and taste.

* We develop our products and services customized to complete your taste and environment.

* we own the only localized patent in Infra Red touch  frame, so can provide unique service an support.

*  The pictures in our site are real examples of our own client projects .

* We have well-known customers.

* Pars Touch’s products have 1-year warranty and 5-year after-sales services.

Contact us for more information on how to order.

You can see examples of Pars Touch’s work in the gallery section of the website , Pars Touch Aparat and Pars Touch Instagram