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Video wall management version

Digizen video wall management software at a glance

The management of giant video walls and their content is very different depending on the location and type of use. To cover diverse needs in this field, many hardware and software were used, which are mainly imported and expensive. Digizen ‘s video wall management software has made these problems easier for you with the ability to personalize.

Navavaran Hazare Danesh company developed Digizen ‘s knowledge-based product in the field of video wall management in order to meet the needs of the video wall field by eliminating complex and expensive hardware and providing flexible software with the ability to customize.

You can see examples of Videowall and Digizen software version of Videowall in the Baby Show program and the Gram People program on Aparat .

ویدئووال، پارست تاچ

Control from the wheelhouse

Digizen software , the videowall management version, allows you to fully control the screen from the control room, and by customizing this version, you can add features such as the Internet of Things, robotics, and similar things to your software package. Add personalized.

Videowall - Baby Show - Pars Touch - Digizen

Videowall - Digizin - Pars Touch

Unlimited ideation and implementation

Personalized versions suitable for your business can help in showing you to others. The use of modern technologies has a great impact on the attractiveness of your business. Pars Touch Company is doing its best to make you visible in this field. Your ideas are implemented and delivered without limits. Just contact us for more information.

Technical features

Android operating system

Android operating system support

Windows operating system

Windows 10 support

Mac operating system

Mac OS support

Linux operating system

Supports Ubuntu and Raspbian operating systems

Content size management

The possibility of centering content from mobile phones and tablets on the video wall

Support for all types of images

The possibility of playing all the images online and displaying different computer screens on the video wall

Support for audio files

Ability to display all types of files from all types of players

Number of screens

The possibility of embedding screens in an unlimited number of independent display boxes

Methods of receiving data

Receive images from all kinds of cameras, capture lines cards and wireless networks

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