Digizen-Nama ( store version)

The unlimited capabilities of the Nama platform allow you, as a seller of various goods or services, to design all the dimensions of your products to the audience in the shortest possible time, give them the opportunity to choose easily, quickly and cheaply, without the need for a third party observer in the process of issuing invoices and Make the payment, hand over the goods receipt and invoice to him and get the destination address from him to send the goods. To track purchases, you can activate the ability to send SMS or email from the management panel and inform the customer about the delivery or preparation process of the purchased product.

For example, in a smart restaurant equipped with a touch table or a fast food equipped with touch kiosks, you can use the following features in addition to connecting the goods, warehouse, sales and CRM departments to the display:

  • Nested menu design with exciting photos and videos according to your own taste
  • Edit, delete or add a page or a product in a minute
  • Edit prices individually or in groups
  • Device payment management and printed invoice issuance
  • Identifying the product through the barcode reader on the device
  • Load a very large number of products in a grouped manner through the table
  • Demonstration and process of food preparation to the customer
  • Display the amount of time left to wait until receiving the food
  • Sending an SMS or Telegram message to the customer when the food is ready
  • Creating a customer club and membership card and connecting it with Nama software
  • Creation of electronic wallet and definition for the fund through view

Or if you are the owner of a megamall or hypermarket store, to load a batch of products, you just need to load the relevant table on the software so that all the fields with search capability are activated on the device. Contact the sales department for additional information. Thankful.

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