Digizen-Nama(Notification, Advertising and respect clients version)

The Nama software platform is a knowledge-based product of Novavaran Hazare Danesh, which is marketed under the Digizen brand.

Many programming languages have been used in the design of this platform.

Features of Digizen Nama software:

The possibility of creating pages with different sizes, orientations and resolutions for different devices such as mobile phones, digital signage, vertical touch kiosks, horizontal touch kiosks, touch desks, video walls, etc.

The possibility of designing and editing the layout of pages according to the customer’s taste

Has modules: Gallery, slideshow, video playback in the background, slideshow and video playback in the foreground, subtitles and superscripts, playback of text-based files such as PDF, Word, Power point, etc., display of various web pages, display of online videos and camera images. Module for sending content and links to the audience, polls, inputting information about the audience, communicating with all kinds of peripheral hardware such as printers, scanners, barcode readers, cameras, NFC, card readers, broadcasting panoramic and 360-degree images, calendars and clocks….

Communicating with other accounting, sales and database software to display shared content through web service or API

The possibility of making modules based on the customer’s request

BMS module and content center

The ability to edit content through the management panel by multiple users with separate usernames, passwords and access levels

The possibility of reporting from the user panel and the main panel with respect to details

Excel output of polls and audience information

Batch loading of products up to 1200 products through a table

Multilingual version support

It has Windows, Android and Web versions

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