The word Satya is an abbreviation (interactive integrated navigation system of freeways).

One of the biggest concerns of large complexes in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of construction and power plant projects is project control and monitoring.

In the pre-construction stage of the project and in the design phase, the need for an interactive simulator with the ability to see the overview of the project is felt. All details can be placed and viewed graphically in the software.

After the design and in the implementation phase, it will be possible to introduce several parts of the project and specify the project contractors. In this way, every contractor should upload the progress of the project in a documented form on his profile after the implementation of each part of the project according to the contract with the employer. Also, the project supervisor has the possibility to monitor the uploading of the content related to the progress of the project online and send the content after approval to be displayed on the server and clients (signature of the supervisor).

The progress of the project after design will include content such as structure design, 3D files, renderings, maps, workshop photos, videos of construction and installation stages, data sheets, test results and approvals.

The more special feature of Satya is that it provides the possibility of online display of CCTV cameras in workshops on the project implementation point (workshop location) on the map.

The position, amount of movement, range of movement, speed, etc. of all the machines and tools in the project can be seen online.

The uploaded content will be visible on the client version of the software immediately after the approval of the supervising expert.

After the implementation of the project and in the operation stage, apart from all the above capabilities, the possibility of connecting to SCADA and project monitoring control is provided on Satya. The output information of all sensors can be read and viewed on the panel on the map with special graphics and at the real point. The command will be provided to all sensors based on the access level from the file.

Graphic schematic:

Considering that construction and power plant projects are implemented in wide ranges. The main look at them will be in the form of GIS or geographic maps. 3D maps that are made from the location of the project and are used as a software platform. It is possible to see the project site from the perspective of the observer riding on the vehicle, the bird observer (low-flying) and the passer-by. When you reach any structure or a specific part of the project, the profile of that point will be opened for you with one touch, and it contains data such as the name of the contractor, technical specifications of the structure, maps, execution time, CCTV cameras, laser scan maps, photos and Its videos are attached to the profile.

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