Touch Table

For meetings, smart restaurants, exhibitions, beauty salons, banks and educational institutions with customized appearance

Parstouch Interactive Tables

Customized Parstouch tables are designed and produced based on customer’s needs, budget, taste, type of use and available space. They also will be installed and run by us.

These products can use with or without chairs in dimensions of 22 to 85 inches and are multitouch support up to 32 points

بانک حکمت- میز لمسی- پارس تاچ- بانکداری الکترونیک ، نمونه کار میز لمسی

Banking Touch Tables

Our Banking touch tables, while providing special electronic banking software, are a part of self-service banking hardware equipment and reduce the need for manpower and client confusion, and also replace the traditional service desks. In addition, it is considered to be more respectful of clients in bank branches

Touch Tables For Beauty Salons

Interactive of these tables provides the possibility of displaying the catalogs in a new way for customers to choose a product or a service. Every year, beauty salons spend a lot of money to print updated catalog containing different makeup models and samples of their work. The presence of a touch table in every beauty salon, not only makes the place appearance modern, prevents management from spending frequent expenses, but also customers can also view and even select services while they are waiting and reserve for next time by paying from the touch desk.

میز لمسی، سالن زیبایی، پارس تاچ
کودک شو، میز لمسی، پارس تاچ

Entertainment & Advertising Touch Tables

Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of touch screens is the continuous presentation of video content in the form of high-quality teasers in exhibitions. The interactivity of these tables enables you to target your ads by offering a variety of touch games and increase the time audience pay attention to you and stay yours. We also provide the possibility of uploading various catalogs and interactive contents by providing specialized software in this field

Shopping Touch Tables

Parstouch Shopping Tables provide a comfortable sit and a fast and useful guide service in stores, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Seeing the product inventory, size, color, and discounts just by searching the desired keywords on the interactive touch tables makes shopping easier for the customer. Our smart store tables are also equipped with other related equipment such as printer, barcode reader, card reader sensor, cooling sensor, electrical protection system and protective cover

Food Order Touch Tables

Our touch tables, while providing special software for receiving kinds of orders (such as food orders), are compatible with all kinds of payment solutions and speed up ordering services. Also, your customers can change their customable ingredients and parameters based on their needs through this product and using specialized software.

Technical features


From 32 to 85 inches

Number of simultaneous touches

From 2 to 40 points

Touch technology

IR, capacitive, optic and resistive

image quality

4k, HD and FULL HD

Android operating system

Android operating system support

Windows operating system

Support Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and 10

Mac operating system

Mac OS support

Linux operating system

Supports Ubuntu and Raspbian operating systems

Protective equipment

Protective plate, cooling system, electrical protection

Body Material

according to the decoration of the place of installation


All kinds of spray and electrostatic paints

 Network Connection

Support LAN and Wifi

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