Glass Display

Turn the windows of your offices, stores, showcases or glass partitions into a real display with a great image quality

Parstouch Glass Screens ( Touch & None touch)

Parstouch glass screen which is designed, manufactured and installed  according to your needs, budget and available space

 This product can be used in stores, shopping malls, cinemas, companies and etc. in order to display catalogs, present products, advertisement, in an attractive and low-cost way. The glasses can get multi touch up to 32 points. They can be installed on the wall, shop windows, glass partitions and are offered in various sizes

This product is the result of combining rear projection technique with Nano-acrylic display screens


By using the Back Projection technique and Nano-acrylic foils, we can  transform storefronts, shops and even useless glass spaces into a  commercial  interactive or none interactive environment in unlimited dimensions

Image Quality

The type of nano-acrylic screen used, the power of the video projector, and the brightness behind the image are some of the points that affect the quality of the images

Touch Capability

By using capacitive touch detection foils on the inner surfaces of glasses with a thickness of less than 20 mm (in such a way that the foil is installed on the inner surface of the glass and is not accessible to the user), a modern touch showcase capable to present electronic catalogs can be created

Fading Screens

 Using adaptive foil we can provide you a fading glass screen which can be in 2 forms whenever you want smartly: 1- transparent 2- fade (for projection)

How to turn glass into a display and touch screen

How to personalize product design and order in Pars Touch

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Technical features


Unlimited custom dimensions

Number of simultaneous touches

From 2 to 32 points

Touch technology

Capacitive touch detection foil and IR touch frame

image quality

According to the power of the projector and the quality of the playable content


Meeting rooms, showrooms, stores, showcases, advertisements, catalog presentations, museums, cinemas, etc.

Protective equipment

Impact-resistant glass (customer’s choice)

Body Material



Transparent, custom-colored background

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