Interactive Signage

Our customized Interactive Signage boards are designed and produced based on customer’s needs, budget, taste, type of use and available space. They also will be installed and run by us.

These products can use with or without chairs in dimensions of 22 to 85 inches and are multitouch up to 32 points

Interactive Signage Board Components

The hardware of interactive touch board consists of a display with high image quality and brightness, a processor, touch Infra Red frame, external box and body and physical protection systems

Interactive Signage Board

The integrated interactive touch board system is the best hand to establish a relationship with the contacts of a popular organizations to give quick response to users and also is a suitable management help as an efficient, modern and flexible tool in honoring clients and completing the CRM process in sales offices and agencies

تابلو اعلانات لمسی، پارس تاچ، موزه ملک ، نمونه تابلو اعلانات لمسی

Integrated Interactive Signage  

The special software of this system provides the ability to integrate several hardware in a network and command them from one server. By this feature you can control all the boards installed in one or more geographical areas at the same time and facilitates content management and online updating

Interactive Signage & Green Environment

Having an interactive signage system reduces the need to use paper as well as printed banners, and while supporting the environment, it helps its beauty and uniformity

Technical features


From 32 to 84 inches

Number of simultaneous touches

From 2 to 40 points

image quality

4k, HD and FULL HD

 Network Connection

Support LAN and Wifi

Android operating system

Android operating system support

Windows operating system

Windows 10 support

Mac operating system

Mac OS support

Linux operating system

Supports Ubuntu and Raspbian operating systems

Protective equipment

Protective plate, cooling system, electrical protection

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