Touch IR Frame

 A quadrangular frame with a metal body in which there are electric boards and IR sensors

Touch Infra Red (IR) frames

Our Touch IR Frames are manufactured, installed and set up based on customized dimensions. This product can be installed on screens with dimensions of 22 to 85 inches and are multitouch up 20 32 points

Pars Touch touch frame

In order to reduce the cost of customers, Pars Touch touch frame can be supplied in different sizes and dimensions with customization capability. By placing the touch frames on the screen, a simple screen can be turned into a touch screen at a minimal cost. Touch frames use infrared (IR) technology and by connecting to the display through a USB port, they make it equipped with screen touch detection.

Features Of Touch Frame

 Our touch frames are mainly produced in ratio of 16:9 and standard image dimensions of 32, 40, 42, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65, 72 and 84 inches

Touch coordinate frame, Pars Touch


It is possible to make frames with the size and ratio of the desired images without any length limit and with a height limit of two meters.

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Technical features


From 22 to 85 inches

Number of simultaneous touches

From 2 to 32 points

Touch technology

Infrared IR

Custom dimensions

Height limit up to 2 meters and custom length dimensions

Android operating system

Android operating system support

Windows operating system

Windows 10 support

Mac operating system

Mac OS support

Linux operating system

Supports Ubuntu and Raspbian operating systems

Body Material





USB port

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