Pars Touch virtual reality at a glance

virtual reality It is very popular in many public spaces where the traffic of different audiences is normal and everyday. In order to honor the clients, businesses should organize welcoming ceremonies along with providing basic information on topics such as introducing the organization and services that can be provided, introducing different departments or products, stating rules and processes, etc.

Because in many of these cases, the information that can be presented is clear and must be repeated for each audience. On the other hand, depending on the type of activity of the organization, the contact time may be unpredictable or even 24 hours a day (such as airport, hotel, etc.). Therefore, the deployment of human resources for these cases is not economical for the organization, and excessive repetition of these materials is tiring and boring for the human resources.

virtual reality

Pars Touch virtual reality includes services such as virtual pilgrimage room, virtual person (customer service), game room, etc.

نمایشگر لمسی شیشه ای - نمایشگر شیشه ای - صفحه لمسی شیشه ای - شیشه تاچ - ویترین تاچ - ویترین شیشه ای - ویترین شیشه ای لمسی - انواع کیوسک لمسی، راهنمای خرید کیوسک و استند لمسی ، خرید کیوسک لمسی، برای خرید کیوسک به چه نکاتی باید توجه کرد، سفارش کیوسک لمسی، انواع کیوسک لمسی ، تفاوت کیوسک های لمسی - استند لمسی - استند هوشمند - میز لمسی- میز هوشمند - کیوسک لمسی - کیوسک هوشمند - محصولات تعاملی - محصولات تعاملی لمسی- محصولات تعاملی لمسی هوشمند - پارس تاچ - محصولات تاچ - کیوسک ایستاده - ویدئووال - واقعیت مجازی - اتاق واقعیت مجازی - VR - virtual reality

virtual guide (real or virtual person)

The virtual guide is the best alternative tool to solve the mentioned problems. Its function and structure are as follows:

The virtual guide is actually a full-length or half-length image of a real or virtual character (animation) that is published using nano acrylic plates and foils and using the technique of radiation from the back. This technique displays the image accurately on a transparent glass or plastic screen designed in the shape of the target character’s body by the video projector. Also, this image can be the result of a video with special effects or a voiced animation. The type of image published on this product can also be designed as holographic or transparent.

All messages that can be played and replayed by this character are stored on a player connected to the system or on a small computer.

Virtual reality capabilities

The possibility of being equipped with a motion detection sensor to start playback when contacts approach

The possibility of being equipped with an interactive touch menu to select a message that can be played by the audience

The possibility of equipping with a broadcast scheduling management software system

Suitable places to use virtual reality

Department stores and shopping centers

Passenger transit lounges at airports, railway stations, bus terminals

Tourist places and museums

Hotel lobby

Entrance of organizations and departments

Exhibitions and festivals

Banks and financial institutions

Waiting rooms

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