Parstouch videowalls

Touch and non-touch Parstouch videowalls along with Digizen video wall management software are ready to provide unlimited services to you. They have been used in many T.V shows even live kinds. A videowall attract attentions to your contents more and easier than a usual T.V even if it is 4K

Customized Parstouch Videowalls

Our videowalls are designed and tailored to meet your needs considering to your budget, available space, taste, type of use

We also provides you with high-quality videowalls using Edge Blending technology
By customizing your idea and the available space, our design engineers can design and manufacture giant interactive Nano-acrylic seamless displays

ویدئووال لمسی - ویدئووال - پارس تاچ - دیجیزن، نمونه کار ویدئووال

Digizen video wall management software

Parstouch developed Digizen as a knowledge-based product in the field  of video wall management to meet your needs. This software eliminates the need to use complex hardware and reduces the cost for customers

Learn more about Digizen videowall management software

View the portfolio in the Pars Touch website gallery

ویدئو وال، پارس تاچ، نرم‌افزار مدیریت ویدئووال ، ویدئووال لمسی

Digizen Software Features

Various versions for all kind of games, virtual reality rooms and other usage you want can be easily customized

Control it from the control room

Technical features



Number of simultaneous touches

From 2 to 32 points

Touch technology

IR, capacitive, optic and resistive

image quality

4k, HD and FULL HD, Ultra HD and higher

Android operating system

Android operating system support

Windows operating system

Windows 10 support

Mac operating system

Mac OS support

Linux operating system

Supports Ubuntu and Raspbian operating systems

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